Tom Brady Loses $7 Million From Already Cheap Contract

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been in the game for quite some time now. According to recent reports, his contract for the 2018 season included a few bets on himself, each worth a million dollars. Even though Brady is the best quarterback there is and there is nothing he cannot do, it turns out the deal was a bit too much for him.

This season, the Patriots offense struggled more than in previous seasons. They had many more defeats that their fans expected, even two in Decembers that no one could have predicted. Now, the regular season is over and the Patriots have fortunately made it to the playoffs. However, Brady did not meet any of the performance bonuses that were predicted.

According to reports, Brady had five incentives in his current contract, each worth one million dollars. He would have earned a lot of money if he finished among the top five quarterbacks in the NFL in passer rating, completion percentage, yards per pass attempt, touchdown passes, and passing yards.

In previous years, Brady managed to finish in the top five in each of these stats. However, this year, Brady finished outside the top five in all of his incentive categories. No one expected this from the best quarterback in the league. Because of this, the Patriots will reportedly be given a $5 million credit towards next season’s cap number.

Brady finished the regular season with 4,355 yards and 29 touchdowns. He is 12th in passer rating, 18th in completion percentage, 13th in yards per pass attempt, 10th in touchdown passes, and 7th in passing yards.

Brady is known for always signing team-friendly contracts with the Patriots. Because of this, the team has had bigger cap flexibility in building the rest of the roster. Even without finishing in the first five in these stats, Brady will still earn $15 million in 2018 compensation.