Lakers Faced Paul George For The First Time After He Snubbed Them in Favour Of Oklahoma City Thunder

There were a lot of rumors saying that Paul George would sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. However, even after the team signed LeBron James, George decided to pass on the offer to join them.

Last night, the Oklahoma City Thunder played against the Los Angeles Lakers for the first time this season. George made a trip to his home state of California for the first time after the Pacers sent him to the Thunder. He went on to sign a four-year, $137 million contract with the Thunder and has been playing for them ever since.

The Lakers were able to add LeBron James to their team. Thanks to George declining to sign with them, they have enough money to go after a good player in the following offseason. A bunch of amazing players will become free agents and the Lakers could sign any of them.

When asked if he was bothered by his team going up against George, Lakers coach Luke Walton said:

“I don’t think much of that. It doesn’t matter. You prep yourself, you do your work and then whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen. You don’t get too emotionally attached to it. We went after players, LeBron decided to come, Paul didn’t. That’s our team now. We’re very happy we have LeBron James on our team.”

Lance Stephenson, George’s former teammate, came forward to say:

”He’s where he’s at. We talk. We friends. On holidays we talk, keep in touch, we play in video games together sometimes. But for the most part, yeah, that’s my boy. I think he improved a lot and I think he’s getting better every year. We gonna talk [on the court]. We gonna talk trash for sure, man. I remember in practice with the Pacers, we’d always go at each other and push each other to be better. And I feel like that made us better.”

The game ended with a seven point lead for the Thunder.