Tom Brady has the most seasons with 11 or more wins among QBs in NFL history.

The New England Patriots have been the best team in the league for years. Ever since quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick joined the team, they have been unstoppable. Each week brings a new record for them. That was the case last week as well.

According to recent reports, the Patriots had a very successful game last week. They did more than just beat the New York Jets, they set a bunch of records.

The Patriots clinched a bye for the ninth straight season.

The Patriots took the streak to nine this year. Now, they hope to get four consecutive seasons with postseason byes.

The Patriots earned a postseason bye for the 13th time since 2001.

Denver and Pittsburgh have each earned five first-round postseason byes since 2001. At the same time, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia have four first-round byes each.

The Patriots equaled their own record for most wins in a decade.

With their 113 regular-season and 13 postseason wins over the past ten years, the Patriots broke a record that was already owned by them.

The Patriots have won 11 or more games for nine straight seasons.

The Patriots are the only team that has ever won 11 or more games for more than seven consecutive seasons. Next in line are Dallas and Pittsburgh who have the second-most with 17 apiece.

The Patriots went undefeated at home for the seventh time in franchise history.

This was the seventh time in the franchise history that the Patriots went through the whole regular season without any defeats at home.

The Patriots scored 400 points for the 12th consecutive year.

New England is the only team that has ever scored 400 points for more than eight seasons.

These are only some of the records the Patriots have broken. We hope they will be able to break many more records in the future!