‘The time is now and not later’ Skip Bayless Urges Lebron To Offer Young Trio For Anthony Davis

On December 22nd, the Los Angeles Lakers played against the New Orleans Pelicans. Why was this game so important? Well, since the beginning of this season, there have been a lot of rumors saying that New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis has been considering signing with the Lakers. Earlier this year the Lakers were able to sign LeBron James and has since been a desirable destination for many good players.

LeBron James is currently the only All-Star on the team. He is surrounded with a bunch of young and amazing players but he needs another veteran player to help him get to the Finals. Who other to fill in that position than Anthony Davis. The 25-year old is one of the best players in the league nowadays. However, he has a year and a half on his contract with the Pelicans. A move would be possible only if Davis demands a trade, since the team is unable to compete at the highest level.

NBA analyst Skip Bayless came forward to talk on this issue. He said that LeBron should put pressure on Davis to demand a trade to the Lakers before the end of the current trade deadline in early 2019:

“I’m going to put myself in LeBron’s shoes… (If I’m LeBron) I’m going to tell Anthony that the time is now and not later. I would say Anthony, I need you to do something that is against your nature – I need you to take a stand and make a stink with your management that you are demanding a trade to the Lakers before this trade deadline of February 7th… I would tell Anthony to tell his management to call Magic Johnson and try and arrange a package.”

Bayless went on to say that the Lakers should offer Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Kyle Kuzma as part of a trade for Davis. Only this combination could pursuade the Pelicans to give up their star player.