NFL analyst predicts the Patriots outcome of this year’s NFL Playoffs, Super Bowl

The regular season is over and football fans from all over the world are preparing themselves for the playoffs.

With Wild Card weekend just days away, NFL Analyst Kevin Boilard has come forward to share his predictions about what will happen in the playoffs.

Here are the 12 teams that made this year’s NFL Playoffs, listed by their chances to win the championship title:

New Orleans Saints – 9/4

Kansas City Chiefs – 4/1

Los Angeles Rams – 5/1

New England Patriots – 6/1

Chicago Bears – 9/1

Los Angeles Chargers – 16/1

Baltimore Ravens – 20/1

Dallas Cowboys – 25/1

Houston Texans – 25/1

Indianapolis Colts – 25/1

Seahawks Seahawks – 25/1

Philadelphia Eagles – 30/1

The Saints and the Chiefs have the most wins from the regular season. With this, they have earned home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. On the other hand, the Rams and the Patriots have earned a first-round bye.

The playoffs will start this Saturday with a game between the Colts and the Texans. The Seahawks and Cowboys will also play on Saturday, while the Chargers-Ravens and Eagles-Bears games will play out on Sunday.

We are two months away from the Super Bowl. If the Patriots continue playing like last week, they will surely make it to the Super Bowl. Make sure to tune in and watch the games to see who ends up taking home the title.