New Hyped Video For The Upcoming 2019 Patriots Playoff Run Ft. Marvels Avengers Endgame

The New England Patriots finished their regular season with a game against the New York Jets this Sunday. They were able to defeat the Jets 38-3 and with that, they earned a bye-week. The next time we’ll see the Patriots on the field will be on January 13th, in their first playoff game.

Just before the start of the playoffs for the Patriots, they posted a video highlighting the greatest moment of this season. Take a look:

After the game this weekend, coach Bill Belichick talked about his thoughts on the game. When asked about the last two games and wrapping up a bye week, Belichick said:

“Yeah, they’ve done a good job and that’s coming in here every day ready to go. No bad days, no I’d say bad practices. I mean, obviously there’s always things to correct and so forth but they worked hard. They were ready to go. They put a lot into these last two games and we had good results. Yeah, the players did a great job. We have great leadership from some of our veteran players – the captains – but also other guys in all three phases. This was a big phase for us today in the kicking game. These guys are good on special teams and it was a big challenge for us. I thought our players really stepped up and met the challenge there. Obviously, it was good to have [Brandon] King back, but just as a unit we did a good job.”

Belichick also shared a few words on the whole regular season this year. He said:

“Well, there’s some good things and there’s some things that could’ve been better. In the end, we are where we are. Essentially we won next week because we won today, so we’ll see who the next team we play is. We know whoever that team is they’ll be good or they wouldn’t be playing at this time of year. We’re going to need to play our best game, all of us, play and coach our best game and that’s what we’ll all try do so we’ll try and do the best job we can coaching, do the best job we can playing for whoever it is we play, and we know they’ll be good. It’s the NFL playoffs. That’s where we are.”

We can’t wait to see the Patriots back on the field next week!