Holy Crap: The Patriots Curse is Real! Beware!

The New England Patriots finished their regular season with five defeats. They were defeated by the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Miami Dolphins, and Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Of these teams, the Lions and the Jaguars finished with awful numbers. The Dolphins were somewhat better but not good enough to get to the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Titans and the Steelers both barely made it to the playoffs.

By the looks of it, whoever defeats the Patriots ends up having a tough time winning any other games. There must be a curse or something that haunts the teams who defeat the Patriots. If there is such a curse, the Steelers suffered it the most.

Firstly, it was the whole Le’Veon Bell situation. Secondly, reports revealed that Antonio Brown essentially quit on his team last week and decided not to play in a must-win Week 17 game. This happened because Brown was disgusted and threw a football in anger at one of his teammates. A source shared:

“He did not attend Saturday’s walk-through practice and skipped the Saturday night meeting at the team hotel. The latest in missed meetings by the All-Pro receiver. Brown was never on the field for the start of the game against the Bengals and left Heinz Field at halftime. Brown left and wouldn’t respond to the Steelers, including team president Art Rooney II. Some Steelers players thought it was odd that Brown showed up and walked onto the field pregame in a large fur coat instead of Steelers gear. One [teammate] called the situation ’embarrassing’ and ‘the worst I’ve seen.’ That player said the entire situation and the way it was handled affected his desire to play in the game. At least one teammate phoned Brown in the days leading up to the game. But, he did not return the call.”

Similarly, the Jaguars had high expectations for this season. They defeated the Patriots in Week 2 but went on to lose eight of their next nine games. Talk about bad luck!