Tom Brady Releases New Hype Video that Will Make You Want to Run Through a Wall

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been the best quarterback in the game for years. Since his draft in 2000, he has been dominating the football world. You cannot talk about football without mentioning his game.

Brady came forward to celebrate the coming of the New Year with his fans. Yesterday, he went on social media to share the most amazing video ever. Take a look:

Just a day before that, Brady and the Patriots celebrated an amazing win over the New York Jets. They were able to close the regular season with an 38-3 win this Sunday. After the game, Brady talked to reporters about his thoughts on it. He shared:

“I’m not really a big stat guy. I’m into wins. Wins is the one and that’s what we’re here for. There’s a lot of ways you can evaluate stats and so forth. Winning the game is what’s most important.”

He went on to talk about his performance this weekend and said:

“I think just making the right plays. I think your focus as a quarterback is just making the right play whenever it’s there. You could throw a ball away instead of taking a sack and it looks like you have a low completion percentage but you’re making a good play for the team. I just have to make good plays for the team and that part of it is just good, solid football and making good decisions, throwing to the guys who are open. Sometimes ending a drive with a punt is not a bad thing when you consider a lot of other factors, it’s just – that’s part of football, making good decisions.”

We hope the Patriots have an amazing new year and we hope to see them in the Super Bowl. Make sure to stay tuned for all new information on the team.