DeMarcus Lawrence Dares LeBron James to go to The Playoff Game

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most famous teams in the NFL. Understandably, they have a lot of fans. Some of those fans are even celebrities we all know.

Every single celebrity born in Texas grows up in the state’s football culture, which is based around the Cowboys. However, the fandom doesn’t end there. In addition to all the fans from Dallas, there are fans from New York, California, Arkansas and Wyoming.

According to recent reports, the Cowboys have one celebrity fan from Akron, Ohio. You all know who LeBron James is. Newly acquired Los Angeles Lakers star, also known for being the greatest basketball player of all time. Even though Ohio has their Cleveland Browns, James has always been a Cowboys fan.

This weekend, the Cowboys will have their first game of the postseason. They will play at AT&T Stadium against the Seattle Seahawks. So, one of the Cowboys best players started a campaign to bring James to the game to support his Cowboys. Take a look:

Besides the pleading of Lawrence, we don’t think James will make it to the game. James has been dealing with a groin injury and has missed the previous couple of games. However, by the looks of it, he will be cleared to play for the team’s next game. On Friday, the Lakers are going to play against the New York Knicks. Then, they will travel to Minnesota to face the Timberwolves on Sunday.

In addition to his packed schedule, James made some nasty comments about NFL team owners and we think that he will not be welcomed at any games. Just a few weeks back, he compared NFL teams owners with slave owners.

The Lakers don’t have a game scheduled for Super Bowl Sunday, so it’s possible that James will make an appearance then. We can’t wait to see if our predictions turn out to be true!