Colin Cowherd says that AFC should be afraid of the Patriots

Early in December, the New England Patriots suffered two devastating losses. Fans were shocked because the Patriots hadn’t had two consecutive losses in December for years. Many doubted that they would be able to improve in following weeks but fortunately they did improve.

Two weeks ago, the Patriots played against the Buffalo Bills and celebrated an amazing win. With this win, they were able to cling on to their 10th consecutive AFC East division title. Then last week, they played against the New York Jets and got yet another amazing win. This win earned them a bye-week and a home playoff game where they have been absolutely dominating opponents at.

The Patriots have been on fire recently and we hope they continue to play like this in the playoffs. According to recent reports, Colin Cowherd took notice at the Patriots’ amazing game play. So, he came forward to praise them and say:

“I’m watching that Patriots’ game yesterday and I’m like “two words for the AFC, uh-oh!””

Cowherd has always had the best things to say for the Patriots. He, as well as many others, has noticed how amazing the Patriots are. Just last month, he shared his thoughts on the Patriots getting to the Super Bowl this year. He said that the Patriots would be only behind the New Orleans Saints:

“I only have the Patriots ahead of them (Kansas City Chiefs) because I think they could ultimately, with an easier schedule, get home field in Foxboro. Patriots have won eight of nine. They don’t have a pass rush and they’re not an over-the-top, dynamic offense. I will say this, though. How do you beat the Chiefs? Take the ball out of their hands. With James White, Sony Michel — the rookie running back — and Rex Burkhead, that is the deepest running back troika they’ve ever had in New England. That’s as good as it gets for them. They’re becoming more of a ball control offense, and that’s how you beat Big Ben (Roethlisberger), that’s how you beat Philip Rivers and that’s how you beat Patrick Mahomes. Patriots at two.”

Cowherd got the playoff predictions right, let’s see if he gets it right about the Super Bowl!